Which Phantom 4 Case is the Best? Phantom 4 Part II

In this video I compare three great options for carrying, transporting, travelling with your DJI Phantom 4. I compare options from the case that comes with the Phantom, to a ThinkTank Helipack and the GoProfessional Travel case.


DJI: http://www.dji.com
GoProfessional: https://goprofessionalcases.com/dji-p4.html
ThinkTank Helipack: https://www.thinktankphoto.com/collections/airport-series-backpacks/products/airport-helipak

Three really solid options depending on what your needs are.

In depth look at the stryofoam case that comes with the Phantom 4 case, which for a number of you will be all that you ever need. It's not a bad choice at all.

Second up was the Phantom 4 compact case from GoProfessionalCase.com – This is a fantastic case and if you don't need to carry anything besides your phantom, extra batteries and gear to fly your Phantom it is all you will need and will protect your Phantom 4 from nearly anything. Bonus with this case, you can store the Phantom without removing the props!

Last was the ThinkTank Helipack. This bag has a ton of storage. I show in the video how I can fit my Phantom, 2 dslr's, Rode Mic, GoPro's laptop, iPad pro, kitchen sink refrigerator and my dog.



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