USANA Users Testimonials 

I always love to see amazing testimonials on people who gained benefits and have restored their health by just using USANA supplements. 

It just wows me!

I have gathered some testimonials I’ve came across the web and decided to share it with you here. 

This is just to show you that whatever sickness or pain you are in right now,

there’s still hope. And USANA based on my personal testimony might just could help you gain back your life for good. 

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—–Usana web testimonies—- 


I’ll have to say that I love the USANA products. I had asthma, but after changing the way I eat, exercise more frequently, AND taking USANA supplements, I no longer have any asthma issues. I’ve discontinued my inhaler, and all my other medications. I’ve put myself in several situations where I knew that it will trigger my asthma, nothing happened! If you have any healthy issues, don’t you think you should owe to yourself to give it a try? This is your life and you make your own choices. Thank you, USANA, for my healthy lungs and not having to worry about any side effects that medications can do to our bodies.


It’s typical that negative people bash a company based on the fact it’s a network marketing business. It’s not MLM either, if you really understood how newer direct sales companies work.Usana is nothing like Amway, Usana has a better comp plan that pays even more now with the new plan. Usana has no levels and is a binary and you CAN make money not enrolling distributors but by selling products, because I do it. I can also guarantee the people saying they are over priced have never tried the products or even know anyone who has. Next time you go to buy vitamins look at the back and see where they are made, and what the ingredients are. Most of the vitamins are not manufactured in the US but only distributed by US companiesmanny pacquiao. If you want crappy vitamins buy Centrum or GNC brands. You get what you pay for. Those leaving nasty comments also don’t know that Usana gives you 30 days to try out the products and will refund your money. Why? Because they stand behind their products, go to GNC or Vitamin Shoppe and see if they will do the same.
Why do Olympians use the products, San Antonio Spurs, Manny Pacquiao and countless athletes trust Usana? Quality. People spend more maintaining their cars then their own bodies. Why would you put garbage in your body? How can you bash a product you’ve never tried because your cheap? The prices are comparable to GNC, Usana Essentials are $46 and higher quality then anything else on the market. I’ve had countless customers see dramatic improvements in their health by taking the products and myself included. If Usana was a scam why are they a publicly traded company that does business in over 18 countries and counting and has been in business since 1992? Bottom line is that people are ignorant and close minded to believe that people actually make money outside of a JOB. When you leave negative comments it’s only reflecting what you subconsciously think of yourself! 

And the Dr. Who said they ship it to a distributors house then to the customer is WRONG! The products drop ship DIRECTLY to the customer. Do your research before leaving comments. I’ve never kept product on hand, Usana does everything. Call their customer service to see how top notch they are. Before you bash something do your due dilegence in research vs what you’ve heard. Because your missing out on a great products.



Say what you want about Usana using selective marketing tools..bottom line, I don’t care if prez Obama endorses it! I’ve been taking the health pack for a year & it has totally turned my body around..for me to wake up everyday after the 2nd month til now & not even pick up a cold or flu! I like how my immune system is solid & my body recovers everyday for work in a factory! Every blue collar working man’s new weapon for health! I’m a beast these days! TY Usana!


Usana doesn’t use sucralose. If they did in the past don’t know. I just started buying their products because a friend recommended them (She was told about them by her family doctor)Are they worth the extra money? Absolutely in my book. I have Lupus and Fibromialgia. I couldn’t get out of bed everyday much less work a fulltime job. I now am able to get out of bed everyday. I exercise and work a part time job but I believe with a bit more exercise and long term use from a high quality vitamin like USANA and I will be back in shape in a few more months. Not sure why so many are bashing a good company with good products. If you don’t want to pay for them then go buy One A Day or other products that have been around since I was a little girl (54 yrs ago). They obviously haven’t helped any one in all these years. People are still getting sick with degerative diseases. All I KNOW is that they have helped me. My doctors are excited that i am doing so well so quickly. Whether you want to buy them or not is up to you but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to everyone I meet.





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