Travelling With A Drone: Our Phantom 3 Set Up & How We Pack It

Since we started travelling with a drone and posting videos using drone footage, we've been getting a lot of comments and emails asking how we travel with the drone and what we use to pack it all up. In this week's episode we're opening up our drone backpack and showing you exactly what's inside, how much it weighs and why we chose to go with this set-up.

My Vanguard Up-Rise II 48 backpack isn't made for the drone, but it fits it perfectly and is the best backpack for the Phantom 3 on the market. Travelling with a drone is awesome!

My Phantom 3 Set-Up:

Vanguard Up-Rise II 48 Backpack:

Phantom 3 Advanced Drone:

iPad Mini 2:

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GoPro footage of this video was stabilized using the Feiyu-Tech G4 Gimbal:

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