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  • USANA Health Testimonials Part 1

    USANA Health Testimonials Part 1

    Forget about selling…I just need to share this. After more than a year of using USANA as my vitamins, I could really say that , IT’S ALL WORTH IT!” USANA didn’t only managed to deactivate my long-time Hyperthyroidism, It also has restored my entire being, from head to toe…and wow! I just feel like bouncing off the walls for joy! Life is so different with USANA. I am healthier now compared to what I had been 30 years ago. My […]

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  • Dave Wentz & Dr. Wentz at the Health & Happiness Summit with Dr. Oz | USANA Video

    Dave Wentz & Dr. Wentz at the Health & Happiness Summit with Dr. Oz | USANA Video

    I’m so glad and blessed to be in this awesome business. Finally, my life has a purpose. And that’s helping to inform everyone on how to have true health through USANA. My questions about why there’s so much sickness in this world like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, gout, heart disease etc has come to an end. USANA has answered all that. TRUE HEALTH comes from within…it comes from our cells! Sharing another video with Dr. Oz , Dave Wentz and Dr. […]

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  • Take Care of Your Body

    Take Care of Your Body

    Everyday stress comes to you in a different way. But let me ask you,”are you ready?” Stress is the number one cause of cancer. Stress weakens your immune system. Stress beats up your cells! I am hardworking too. Aside from ky 8-5 job I do some extra partime jobs which I know could deteriorate my health someday. I don’t want that to happen to me. For health is wealth! No migraine for a day? Celebrate!! No migraine for a year […]

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  • Why I’m So Passionate About USANA?

    Why I’m So Passionate About USANA?

    This is why I am so passionate about my USANA business. My vision: is for you and your loved ones, friends and families to be HEALTHY.  That’s all! Are you with me? Whatsapp/iMessage/Viber me +659643.5138 for Online Presentation. I would be glad to help you with your current health and financial situation.:   Check this out! USANA 2-Star Diamond Director Jordan Kemper explains the value of his favorite sales tool — USANA’s Health & Freedom Newspaper — and how he […]

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  • Life-Changing Opportunity

    Life-Changing Opportunity

    Good day po! Thank you for your interest in my online/offline business. Brace yourself po kasi etong isishare ko sa inyo ay may chance na makapagpabago sa buhay nyo in terms of health, wealth,relationships at ang pinaka-paborito ko ay “Time Freedom”. Unang-una po, gusto ko lang malaman kung anu ang sitwasyon mo ngayon? Happy ka ba sa work mo? Do you feel well-compensated? Or kung hind pa enough , anu po ang plan nyo? Mag-earn ng extra income or kung […]

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  • Don’t Let Cancer Take You Away

    Don’t Let Cancer Take You Away

    Anothe powerful testimony of how awesome my USANA supplement is. Gone are the days when battling of cancer is such a mystery. Questions like, “Why does cancer exists??” “Why can’t it be cured ?” “Why does it need to take our loved ones life in a snap of a finger?” Thank God I found out the truth. That cancer stems from a very weak immune system . The way to avoid it?? Simple! Boost your immune defense ! To boost […]

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  • GoPro A Day Singapore: Camalapse at the Gym

    GoPro A Day Singapore: Camalapse at the Gym

    This is just one of the many ways in keeping ourselves healthy in Singapore. Had the chance to use my Camalapse Mobile gadget in the gym with us. Found it to be really cool! Camalapse is a mobile gadget I got used for taking panning time-lapse. I use it with my GoPro and iPhone. Very useful indeed if you love to take random videos like me.

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  • Amazing,100% Safe and Healthy Weight Loss Program

    Amazing,100% Safe and Healthy Weight Loss Program

    This is a photo of my friend here in Singapore who lost 7kg in just 5 days without going to the gym!!! If you want to lose weight safely, naturally and be healthy all the way, Sms me at +659643.5138 and would love to meet up with you.:) Will be posting more testimonials in my next posts soon so stay tuned! Here’s one more testimonial that I have gathered with the same weight loss program. “Losing 320 Pounds in 3 […]

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