Street Food Around The World – Manila, Philippines

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Street Food Around The World – Manila
Street Food Around The World – Manila Full Video

Manila is the capital and second largest city of the Philippines. This is one of 16 cities in Metropolitan Manila with a total population of about 12 million people. In 2010, the population of Manila is 1,652,171. The area of Manila is 38.55 km ², and the city has the highest population density in the world.

Manila Metropolitan Manila together with the economic center of the Philippines and the political, trade and development landscape has some significant importance of history and culture in the Philippines. Manila is the seat of the executive branch and the judiciary of the central government. Manila has been identified as a global city, there are many structural and science education, sports facilities, cultural venues and other important history.

Earliest record of the city in the 10th century. Later, the city became the regional department of the Majapahit Empire, it was invaded Brunei. By the 15th century, the area was turned nominally Muslim until the conquest of the Spaniards arrived. Manila eventually became the center of Spanish activity in the Far East, is one of the first commercial sailing route Manila-Acapulco connecting Europe, Latin America and Asia. Then, in Manila happens some of the Chinese uprising of the people and the indigenous British occupation, and the Sepoy Mutiny. At the end of the 19th century, the U.S. replaced Spain ruled the Philippines, they have contributed to the urban planning of the city, but most of this progressive disappearance of the devastation caused by the Second World War . Since then, the city rebuilt and developed rapidly.

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