No One Is Useless To God

If you are feeling rejected, alone and depressed…just talk it over to Jesus.

You know it’s just a feeling brought about your environment. We all come to that. I, too experience that sometimes. But because I know someone up above loves me so much ….it just passes away like that.

Jesus loves you.

You are precious to Him. That’s why He died on the cross for you.

So for now, stop looking anywhere else to fill that longing or emptiness that you’re feeling inside.
Just look to Jesus and get to know Him better.
You might can’t understand what I am talking about right now, it’s ok.

At least you are reading this.


Talk it out Jesus and ask Him to lead you to a life full of rest and awesomeness just like what He did to my life right.

I say, my life 5 years ago was very messy and empty. No direction at all.



Ok. Hope to see you in my next blog.

Do check out my Jesus blog too.

My life for the past 8years is written in there.

God bless you my friend.





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