New Creation Church – Every Day of my life [with lyrics and chords]

Words & music by Jen Tan, Karen Lim, Sean Goh
Copyright 2010 New Creation Church, Singapore

KEY: A major

Introduction (Interlude)
[E] [F#m7] [D] [A]
[E] [F#m7] [D]

Verse 1
[E] Your love [F#m&] and mercy
Go [D] after me in [A] every way
[E] Your love [F#m7] hunts me down [A/D]
[E] Your favour [F#m7] on me
Is [D] like a shield that [A] keeps me safe
[E] Your awesome [F#m7] grace [A/D] abounds

And [E] O, Your [F#m7] grace is [[Dmaj7] sufficient for me
[A] In every way [E], this [F#m7] truth is my strength [Dmaj7]

Every [A] day of my life [E], I know [F#m7]
Goodness and [D] mercy follow me
[A] Everywhere, [E] every time [F#m7]
[D] Every [F#m7] step that I take [E/G#], I know [A]
Jesus, You’re [D] with me all the way [F#m7]
Every day [E] of my life [D]

[A] Every [E] day of my [F#m] [D]
[A] Every [E] day of my [F#m] [D] [A]



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