My USANA Singapore  Journey

Life is truly a blend of highs and lows. At one point, it lifts you up and fills you and everything around you with sheer happiness. 

On the flip side, it may treat you harshly and leave you and your world gloomy and dark. Like every other person, I, too, experienced this mix of happiness and sadness. But, as the hard days crept in, help was only a step away and it was up to me to grasp it or dwell in my misery. 

Being so blessed , I can be proud enough to say that I did and that changed my life for the better.

About 8 years ago, I moved to Singapore. As an aspiring job-finder, I qualified for a sustainable position of a graphic designer that paid well. I was blessed with a luxurious lifestyle; with gadgets, fine dining, outdoor activities becoming the norm of my day routines. But somewhere between all that, I failed to look after one of the most important aspects of my life: 


And that made all the difference on the events that unfolded later.

My father was a frequent drinker which classified him as a heart patient coupled with tuberculosis, while my mother was too engrossed in gambling and smoking which bashed upon her recurring strokes. In 2008, my father passed away from a cardiac arrest. 


dad in icu


so many what “ifs”, should haves and what would have beens

(I took this photo 8 years ago while my dad was in icu for 2 weeks. This wasn’t easy for me but I felt I needed this in the future. And true enough, it’s here on my blog, to tell you how heartbreaking it is to see someone you love suffer like this and not to mention the huge hospital bills during all that and which came after.)

The very same year,

my sister, who was hydrocephalus and had kidney problems followed him. 

That year was the most devastating period of my life.

Naturally, a stream of questions flooded my mind. God, death, illness, suffering- all became a constant nagging to my brain. I wondered why people fell sick and why they had to eventually die to get rid of it. I wondered whether I was damned for not being able to spend some worthwhile time with my now deceased father. I was slowly sinking into depression and loneliness.

And then, like a burst of fresh air, my life changed!
A year ago, my friend introduced me to USANA, a Greek term meaning ‘true health’. At first, my instinct pulled me away from such a treatment, but I am glad not to have acted upon it. 


my vitamins

On my father’s death, I inherited hyperthyroidism, a degenerative disease that runs in my family.

USANA really taught me that prevention is after all better than cure. I could have waited for a cure to come my way, but I took matters into my hand and decided to opt for USANA as my reliable aid.



Prevention is BETTER than cure

(Below is a photo of my Hyperthyroidism report. It was already deactivated 6 months ago. More details about this here on my blog soon!)

usana , hyperthyroidism

usana got rid of my hyperthyroidism

It is true that diseases like heart attack and hypertensions can attack you out of the blue. It is best that we are on our guard at all times and USANA is that perfect life savior. 

My mother was also open minded enough to give it a shot, and now at 76, she is healthy and fit! Now, we can even go to the mall and watch movies together:)

Dinner with Mama in Philippines

Mama and I watching a movie

If you are inclining towards to this idea or are even unsure, feel free to contact me via my Facebook page at or WhatsApp me at +6596435138. Would love to talk  to you. 
Remember, sickness doesn’t knock before coming, and we must be prepared when it does.

Losing a loved one is unbearable, but to deal with such an unparalleled loss, we must always remain one step ahead. 

USANA is definitely all that!



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