My Own Little Way To Help Belle’s Return

I created a facebook fan page for Belle ( the lost poodle of which the fosterer refuses to return) 

If you’ve been following Belle’s story. She ranout from the vet and from then on, she haven’t not come home yet. This has been going on for a month now.

Her family is extremely sad for what happened.  Desperate but still very patient. They are willing to forgive and forget everything, give out the $2k reward to whoever can lead or bring back Belle safely. 

I don’t want to divulge anymore of any sensitive information as to who found Belle. We are just praying for her safe return and that the fosterer will finally decide to return Belle to her rightful owner or family. 

Please like Belle’s page on Facebook ” Return Belle” and share on your wall. 

Your likes and share will mean alot. 

Thank you. 




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