My Health Secret Here in Singapore

I would just like to share this with you all. 

This is what keeping me healthy here in this world— USANA.

I am 44 years old.

Because of USANA, I feel like I’m just 25. Seriously!

You never know what true health means once you take USANA vitamins. 

I am not trying to sell this to you. 

I am just sharing based on my personal testimony. 

Cuz I used to be sickly, suffered migraines frequently, and menstrual problems. Plus I had Hyperthyroidism for more than 20 years of my life! Now it has been deactivated! Halleluyah!

It is just liberating to know how this multivitamins could change my lifestyle and totally my health!


Honestly, I used to do this as a business. 

But due to work schedule timings and all I have stopped doing it for the meantime. But would surely come back and do this as a business!

I never stopped taking USANA for 4 years now!

  These are my Essentials and optimizers like Biomega, Coquinone and ProflanavolC. 
With so much stress here in Singapore, this really has helped me survived each day. 

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, try USANA. 

Let me help you meet your health needs. 

You can try this for a week or two and see what happens next. 

If you are suffering from health conditions like Diabetes, hypertension … this might be your solution. 

Anytime just whatsapp me and we could arramge some health presentation in our main office at Takashimaya. 


You won’t be forced to buy. 😁😁 

Whatsapp me to chat: 




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