My First DJI Phantom 2 Flight (Singapore)

Finally, was able to take off !

It wasn’t easy for me. I need to deal with some mental and emotional stress in taking this DJi Phantom 2 off the ground. Fear of crashing always poked my mind. But!!! I made it!

Now I can totally say I’m addicted to it.

Man! This is going to be a very expensive hobby. Cuz aside from the basic package of DjI Phantom 2 , you still need to get an FPV monitor and a Video transmitter. Which roughly costs around $300+. Then some extra batteries which costs $200+( please don’t buy a 3rd party one cuz have heard that it’s not reliable. Drone suddenly loses control and drops. Don’t take risks at all!),  accesories like propeller guard and extra propeller set. A special casing foR your DJI Phamtom 2 and I guess that’s it.

If you have a budget for this then I say go get this baby. You will love it!

For now let me share my DJI Phantom 2 First Flight video.

I intentionally didn’t color corrected this to get a raw feel. So I hope you’d still enjoy it yeah?

More Singapore Drone Video tips to come so please don’t forget to subscribe on my youtube channel. 🙂




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