My Demo: Kindness Is In Me (Theme Song for Singapore Kindness Movement 2014)

“Kindness is in Me” – Theme Song for Singapore Kindness Movement 2014
Composer: Lorraine Tan 陈莉芯
Vocals: Lorraine Tan
English Lyrics: Lorraine Tan & Dr William Wan
Chinese Lyrics: Lynn Lee
Producer: Dr. SM Yuen
Music arranger: Terrence Teo
Vocal Producer: Jim Lim
Backing Vocals: Jim Lim
Music Label: (c) Pink Piano Productions

This is just a little song, a song for you my friend
You’re my dearest friend, to the end
I always wish you well

Even through the ups and downs, there’s always time for you and me
For kindness makes all things beautiful

Sing a song of Kindness, sing it with Gladness
Fill our world with songs and smiles ‘cos kindness goes a million miles
If we just look within our heart we’ll step out of the dark
Kindness is in everyone, it starts with me

Last time: (optional)
Always believing in your heart
Kindness and gladness never part
Kindness is in me, it starts with me



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