My Aerial Videography Adventure: KUSU ISLAND SINGAPORE

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Uniquely Singapore! The reefs of Kusu Island are only 15 minutes from the city centre by fast boat! More about our city reefs.

Legends of Kusu
Many legends surround the island, most referring to a magical giant turtle turning itself into an island to save two shipwrecked sailors – a Malay and a Chinese. It is said the grateful sailors returned to the island to give thanks and others continued the tradition.

Before Kusu was reclaimed, some people say it looked like a turtle. Made up of two ridges on a reef, one ridge the head, and the other (where the hilltop is now) the back of the turtle.

Kusu, however, has since been reclaimed into an 8.5ha holiday resort. There are now three Malay shrines or “keramats” and a Chinese temple on Kusu Island. Nearby, the Tortoise Sanctuary houses hundreds of tortoises.

History of Kusu
Kusu Island was called Pulau Tembakul in the past. It used to be a burial site of immigrants who died in quarantine on St. John’s and Lazarus Islands.

What to see and do?
Kusu Island is well developed today, mainly to support the steady stream of worshippers to the shrines on the island. On the ninth month of lunar calendar, about 130,000 people still throng the island’s Da Ba Gong Temple (or Temple of the Merchant God). The island with its two swimming lagoons is also a popular destination for day-trippers to enjoy the sun and sand.



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