Kaya Mo Din ‘To!


Today is 15 October…

It’s holiday here in Singapore!

Sarap talaga weekdays…pabreakfast breakfast lang sa Mcdo
tapos wala kang problema sa pera ..wala kang inaalalang mga utang…
tapos the best part pa, alam mong healthy ka dahil sa choice of
Iifestyle mo…
you took risks, and everything starts to compensate you WELL…
to live a fruitful and abundant life.

Mmmmm…..Fragrance of success. Yeah!

Start to smell it cuz if you claim it’s yours.

Di pa nman ngyayare saken ‘yan but I know I’m getting there.
Focus lang dude. You have a choice and make sure that ‘choice’ will benefit you well.
Di ko sinabe na madali, oo mahirap sa umpisa pero KAYA!

POSSIBLE talaga sya!

Cuz Life is meant to live for so much more ( ika nga ni Switchfoot)
…not just to survive.

I’ve seen the lives of ordinary people now enjoying an extra ordinary lives
Cuz simply, they made a decision to go in that direction.

I can do the same thing. you can do same thing too!

Ambisyoso ba ‘ko?


Cuz in 1 year time , I want to live the life that I want na.
Drive my own supercars, travel around the world, be a blessing.
And that’s it!


One year lang.

You say it’s impossible kasi ikaw nga manager na or mataas na ang rank sa work,
Di pa dn nakakamit ang lifestyle na ‘yan?
Totoo ‘yan sa iba…pero saken Iwon’t accept that fad.

I say…just watch my progress.

I will update you from time to time here in my blog,
I will also share what lessons I learned along the way.

So don’t forget to bookmark this.

Stamp it!
Today it’s Oct 15, 2013….tic tac…tic tac…

Change starts here!



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