How To Stop A Negative Mind


Everyday, we all experience different moments of our lives.
Some days are great….some days are dull…boring…events just keep on repeating.
Some days are exciting.

You see, that’s normal.

But, you don’t need to depend on that to mold your life.

Don’t go with the flow.

Don’t get affected by negativities, stress ,frustrations that your
surrounding has to offer.

You can STOP it.

If you’re having a bad day,
Instead of saying, “it’s a rough day!”
I say NO!

Do not declare it to yourself.
Or else, it will really happen to you.

Declare instead,”it’s gonna be a very fruitful day! I will pull through it!”

Law of attraction says whatever your mind conceives, you will receive.

(You can google about Law of Attraction to know more about how it works
and its gonna help you create a positive mind.)

Stop those negative thoughts…

Read positive quotes, read books about positivity and success, etc.
Stay and expose yourself with positive people that will raise your spirit up.

And lastly pray.

Try my simple tips.

Someday soon, you will find out how beautiful the world can be.

See you on my next blog.:)




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