Health is Wealth

I am sorry for my English. I am not so good in grammar but I just hope what I’m trying to convey here will open up your heart.

I have been here in Singapore for 9years now. I am 43 years old, Pinoy and a Permanent Resident.

All these years that I have lived here in Singapore, all I can say is so far so good, with prayers, I have not been admitted to a hospital for a certain disease. To think I come from a sickly family. My dad died of cardiac arrest, my mom now a survivor of stroke. And my sister died of heartdisease. Many times I’ve wished that I could turn back the clock and do everything I can to bring back my dad and sis’ life. But sad to say. All are just memories and lessons to be learned.

I’m just glad God is taking good care of me well. He has led me to one of the best things in life. He has taught me how to live a fulfilled and healthy life with this. Brace yourself, cuz I’m gonna share it with you too.

Health is wealth.


Let’s all face it. When one day you reach your goals and dreams and you already have everything what you wanted but suddenly end up very sick, you will realize that health is indeed wealth. Because while getting rich and suffering at the same time, is not ok. Being poor and getting real sick is not the way to go too! There is always a way!

You are here reading this blog for a reason.
Because you are looking for answers. May it be solution to restore your long time health or restore your finances.

GUARANTEED: You have come to the right place.

If you know anyone who has these conditions:

1) Diabetes
2) Hypertension
3) Cancer ( any type)
4) Ghout problems
5) liver / kidney
6) hypo/hyperthyroidism
7) eye problems

And many countless more ,
Feel free to whatsapp/viber/iMessage me

Lastly, here in Singapore you need to be healthy all the way.
Let me be a part of that cuz life is precious to me.

I know how it is to be sick, been there, done that. It’s very stressful physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Most especially here in Singapore where medical costs are waaaaay to expensive.

So grab your phone now and message me for a health presentation. Don’t worry for this unbelievable opportunity, it’s FREE!
Sms me now to reserve seats:
Health Presentation is every Thurs: 7-8pm
Yes, just an hour of your life will change everything.

My num +659643.5138

I am waiting 🙂



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