DJI Phantom 4 Unbox and in the air, first time.

DJI Phantom 4 From delivery to flight, first time i have even held a drone. Let alone fly one. The whole process of receiving the package to flying was less than 24hrs, plus a couple of hours uploading and trying to work out PR cc.

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The idea of this video is to explain if you do your research then anything should be possible.

The Phantom 4 is an amazing piece of equipment i thought long and hard about which way i was going to go and i can tell you, you do your homework and it is flyable straight out of the box, i know people are out there that spoil the hobby by doing irresponsible things, well You Tube is here to stop this happening. If people are willing to give up their time to show you guys & Gals the right way of doing things then you should probably obliged by giving the hobby a good name.

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i want to give a shout out to Bill Nichols in the US whose videos not only helped me choose the type of drone but also how to fly it safely, i would encourage all of you to subscribe.

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Gear used in this Video:
Camera 1 – Canon 5dMKiii
GoPro 3 +
DJI Go App
Premier Pro
Tripods – Manfrotto 2x CF One travel one chunky:)

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