Are You My Future USANA Business Partner?

You see, I never imagined myself to be in this Direct Selling or Multi-level Marketing industry.

That’s why I took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering ‘cuz I didn’t

want to become a “salesperson”.

But as years gone by, while sticking it all out to my beloved industry,

a realisation set in.

I realised, life is not just about making money and paying the bills.

It’s not just getting all the raise and bonuses, travel  and eat in a fancy restaurants.

It’s not about just getting the latest gadgets.


You wanna know what life is really all about?

Well, it this simple.

Life is…. about helping people.

It may sound like a cliche but that’s the truth.

It’s only when you get to help someone reach their dreams and potentials

can life become worthwhile and with a purpose.

I’m writing this now on my blog, if you are that same person.

If you wanna help people who are tired and weary about an 8-5 job,

woud love to inspire people with no directions and purpose,

be a motivator in your own simple ways.

Then , I woud love to chat with you.

If you are coming from Singapore, USA, Canada, Italy,The Caribbean, Malaysia, Philippines,

Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Mexico, France and Belgium, Colombia and SOON INDONESIA!

Please whatsapp/ iMessage me at +659643 5138

I would love to discuss this with you.

Meanwhile, let me share with you one of our leaders Jordan Kemper for a POWERFUL

INSPIRATION about what USANA business is all about.







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