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  • Iphone App Faves: Fonta

    Iphone App Faves: Fonta

    I love this new app called Fonta and it’s really making me busy pimping up my photos.  Super thanks to my friend Dredd for introducing this awesome app! Will launch a new tutorial on this soon.  So don’t forget to subscribe on my youtube channel @dinxpassion.  Here are some photo samples that I did with it.         With my Volleyball League Team: #Sportsatsg           Cool right??    

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  • AERIAL Videography Adventure in MANILA/BORACAY [2016]

    AERIAL Videography Adventure in MANILA/BORACAY [2016]

    It was risky because the wind sometimes not cooperatin, but it was all worth it. Just be careful in flying too far and remember to check on your batteries. Do not fly not fully charged because it might flyaway. Hope you like my Boracay video.:) More to come…

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  • #QuoteoftheDay


    Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us   

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  • Top Things To Do in Boracay: HELMET DIVING

    Top Things To Do in Boracay: HELMET DIVING

    Just sharing my Boracay adventure last february. Let me give this to you in parts. Today , will show you our Helmet Diving. First things first, make sure you don’t have a cough or recovering from a cough when doing this. Not so uncomfortable when you’re deep down under. Second, listen to the divers instruction like how to understand hand signals,etc. LASTLY, DO NOT FEAR!! HAHA!

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